Instructor support program for communication education

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In addition to a slide in academic ability, a growing number of university students today lack sufficient communication skills. With modern communication through computers, mobile phones, and so on, which places emphasis on speed, students have failed to learn how to express their feelings in an appropriate manner, something that has become a serious issue in Japan.

A survey conducted by Nippon Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations) has found for seven years running that the quality most sought after by companies when hiring new graduates is the ability to communicate. While this ability depends heavily on how well one has acquired the art of language, specific language training seldom occurs at the university level. Society demands that we provide students with more opportunities to develop this skill.

In light of this, the Fukuoka Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering established in 2007 a new curriculum, the Data Processing Communication Major, and has started courses to nurture the ability to communicate.

The latest activity
A culture education curriculum started in 2018 in this school, and, as for me, a design was in charge of "intellect and culture" to become the basic subject and "psychology of the communication".
After the communication education in the electrician subject from 2007 presented the whole school as the operation power upbringing subject "carrier formation" "communication basics" in 2012, I provide an opportunity to deepen learning in a wide frame called the culture from 2018.