Instructor support program for communication education

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About the Communications Skills of the Student of Electrical Engineering
Called for Now

 As more and more companies question their applicants' communication ability, it is becoming indispensable for you to obtain the ability to communicate smoothly with a diverse range of people during your time in college. Most of you surely realize the importance of the ability to communicate.

  Few people, however, don't know what kind of communication skills they should learn. Actually, the word communication ability doesn't mean a certain skill but rather contains a number of abilities that are needed to communicate with others. Furthermore, it is very difficult to improve this ability in a short space of time because daily habits influence it.

  This program targets students who are socially awkward but aspiring to become technical experts in the department of engineering. The purpose of the program is to acquire some skills in structuring one's thoughts and representation in the workplace after graduation. The program phases in the contents over a four-year period to ensure that students are ready to enter the workforce.

  Students will, for example, develop the abilities to think and express themselves, and develop their attitude towards cooperating with others through the subjects of the Ethics For Engineers, Debate, and Presentation during their four years of college.